Monday, April 23


Third Annual Eucharistic Procession at Notre Dame

Amy Welborn has a great writeup on her adventures and misadventures while attending this third year of the campus-wide Eucharistic Procession, which featured according to one reader, a block-busting six hundred votaries in attendance, at least double last year's number of attendies.

For a number of reasons--a shortage of cash, available time off, and energy, I had to miss it this year, though given that I've been lain up in my apartment for the past three days with a fever that nobody could have foreseen, we can chalk that one up to Providence. Meanwhile, I'm starving for news.

What is particularly striking about the event, at least what I've gathered from eyewitness reports, is how public and broad-based it's become; Holy Cross, Campus Ministry and the campus's Basilica have almost fully taken it under their protection, as opposed to being a largely grassroots event as in previous years. Both setups had good aspects, but this development is particularly exciting as an assurance of its longevity and as an example of the continual mainstreaming of traditional Eucharistic devotion. (I think--though I'm not sure about it--that the Basilica sacristy has actually acquired its own canopy, also a sure sign that the event is here to stay, as last year we had to borrow one from an outlying parish.)

Bishop D'Arcy's attendance was to me a surprise, but a very pleasant one, too.

I imagine we'll hear more detailed eyewitness reports from those Whapsters who were able to attend; in the mean time, if any of our readers managed to make it, I'd love to hear some reactions from folks who actually made it. The photos--these from Amy, and this one from Shrine friend Lucy--should whet the appetites of those who couldn't make it this year, and also show a little bit of what it is that makes Notre Dame so special to us at the Shrine.

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