Saturday, April 14


Highlights from the New Mass Texts

Fr. Z is also posting about the new Mass translation which Dan mentions below. Highlights from the new translations of...

(1) The Epiclesis for The Deuce: "the dew of the Holy Spirit"

(2) The Domine Non Sum Dignus: "enter under my roof"

(3) The Creed: "consubstantial with the Father"

(4) The Confiteor: Triple "mea culpa"

(5) The Roman Canon: Quite Nice--but with "for all"!?

I am particularly pleased with the use of "consubstantial" to describe the relation of God the Son to God the Father. I lot of people I've spoken with have objected that consubstantial is a word that no one knows, and so we should continue to use the phrase in the current translation: "of one being with the Father." My response is this: I said "of one being with the Father" for almost a decade and a half without the realization that "JESUS IS GOD" ever dawning upon me. The words seem so simple--"of-one-being"--that it never gave me pause to think about what it meant, but the mystery of the Trinity is such that it can't be internalized without some specific attempts to "Get it." To get the point that JESUS IS GOD, people have to stop, be confused, ask and think it through. By using a new, strange, and unknown word, I believe, this new translation of the Creed with precipitate that process of confusing the average parishioner, making them ask "what does that word mean?," and then fully internalizing that it means "JESUS IS GOD."

I am pleased.

Less so about the current retention of "...for all" in the Consecration, but somehow I suspect Fr. Z is somehow attending to that...

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