Sunday, March 18


Why Are Muslims Attracted to Christianity?

A very interesting blog post on the particular ways in which the Truth of Christ beckons towards the Muslim community, at The Continuum.

A summary--
(1) The narrative and instructional power of the Gospels themselves
(2) Dreams and Visions (mentioned here before)
(3) Christian Love, especially as expressed in charitably works
(4) Balanced socialization among the sexes, which by the strength of God's loving grace in our hearts does not (as Muslims fear it would in Islamic contexts) degrade into sexual license

I was most surprised by #3, since I've heard rumors of all the rest in a number of places. But, to hear them speak of it, Muslims never stop giving money to other members of the Ummah--certainly, Saudi Arabia gives millions and millions to build huge mosques in places like Ohio and Italy. Perhaps this giving fails to touch the lives of the truly needy. Hmm. Don't know enough to say.

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