Saturday, March 3


New Chapel is Newly Renovated

The Vatican's website has a virtual tour of the new Redemptoris Mater chapel in the Vatican.

Here is a picture of the chapel as originally planned, slated for completion in 2003:

But, the Vatican today released the following photo of the Redemptoris Mater chapel:

If you compare the two, you will notice--very significantly--that not only has the originally-planned square altar in the Online Tour been replaced, but it has been replaced with a traditionally proportioned altar bearing six candlesticks and--is it really?--a tabernacle.

Update: This post has really gotten around. Thanks to all who linked to it.

Shawn at the New Liturgical Movement observes,
"Incidentally, a reader sent a picture of this same chapel from a year ago, and it has exactly the same altar setup, with the same tabernacle, 6 altar candlesticks, etc. That at least eliminates this as a "one-off" for this particular Lenten retreat."

Secretly, that had been my worry--that the nice arrangement was pro tempore. This makes me happy. Not as happy as the upcoming Post-Synodal Exhortation, though..

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