Monday, March 19


The Impressively-Tufted Cardinational Zucchetto of the Marionite Patricharch of Antioch

"Drew! Drew! It cannot be! The other day, I was in Syria, and I saw a cardinatial zucchetto--with a tuft!"

Well, your alarm is justified, certainly--as we know, the Pope, when belatedly granting the cardinals the right to use the biretta, specifically denied them the Tuft, as he himself did not make use of the tuft and thus, by its denial to his closest advisors, symbolized their special relationship. To see a tuft on a zucchetto, then, is all the more bizarre! However, since you were in SYRIA, you saw no mere cardinal, but a true Patriarch who also shares cardinatial rank. As such, he has the right to determine his own vestiture. I have to say, I like his choice.

Click here for enough eccentric ecclesial headpieces to make James Noonan tremble!

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