Tuesday, March 27


Dappled Things - in Print!

Annuncio vobis gaudium magnum: subscriptions to the print edition of Dappled Things are now available on the website!


Bernardo, the head honcho of the operation, writes:
This is an important milestone in the magazine's history and represents the efforts of our contributing writers, artists, donors, friends, and staff. In a very real sense, this is your magazine -- we certainly could not have gotten here without your help. We hope that you will treat yourself to a subscription and enjoy Dappled Things in print, which, of course, will feature the quality content and design that you have come to expect from us.

Beautifully designed printed issues of Dappled Things will appear four times a year. Subscribe online now for only $19.99 and enjoy our content in a whole new way. Keep a copy on your nightstand. Share it with your friends. Discover some of the best emerging Catholic writers and artists of today.
Incidentally, we're also looking for writers, good ones, and a whole lotta them, so send in those stories!

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