Monday, February 12


Wikipedia Oxymorons

Just ran across one particularly amusing one: a category webpage entitled "Presbyterian Cathedrals in the United States." (Think about it. Who sits in a cathedra?)

The deal is, East Liberty Presbyterian in Pittsburgh is sometimes colloquially called the Cathedral of Hope, despite belonging to a faith that makes an article out of not having bishops. Still, as repeat readers know, I have a great fondness for East Liberty, a Ralph Adams Cram masterwork which has an unusually distinctive tower, a modern Gothic extravaganza with more than a hint of the Thai pagoda to it. Though the real story, as I have explained before, is that it's actually a Gothic reworking of Cram's favorite skyscraper, the spiky Empire State Building. Funky. What a shame he never took a stab at doing a Gothic Chrysler Building. Not sure how you'd do that, but it'd sure be wild.

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