Friday, February 23


Tridentine Pontifical Goodness in Stamford, CT - One Sunday Only!

From a reader:
Bishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Diego will be celebrating a solemn high Pontifical Mass (1962 missal) on Sunday, February 25 at 11:30 AM at St. Mary's Church in Stamford, Connecticut (left). We hope to fill this beautiful Gothic revival church for this liturgy, just as we did for Cardinal Stickler's mass at St. Patrick's in New York City in 1996.
In the comments-box, one reader notes the Cardinal Stickler mass was an absolute POD blowout, too:
So many thanks to those who went to Cardinal Stickler's Pontifical High Mass at St Patrick's in 1996. It was amazing--I arrived an hour early (as another Mass was letting out) and there was literally a rush for the pews once the ushers let us in. I believe there were people hearing Mass on the front stairs of the cathedral, and there must have been 20 or more priests distributing Holy Communion.
Anyway, I can't make it to the Stamford Mass, but that doesn't mean you can't come! If any of our readers make it, I'd love photos of the mass, and of the church, too. That thing looks amazing.

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