Monday, February 12


Maybe They Should Have Called It Wallacism

Today is apparently Darwin Day, and while I've never found natural selection or evolution properly understood to be any sort of problem for me theologically, the way popular society assumes it (along with, for instance like the atom, Galileo, central heating, Columbus, Marxism, Watson and Crick, or whatever) automatically disproves religion, falls into the category of "silly things which are mildly irritating." The Church Fathers were intepreting Genesis allegorically a thousand years before Darwin. We've done this whole debate before. And anyway, poor old Fr. Mendel did all the genetic grunt work.

Anyway, there's some evidence Darwin wasn't the first fellow to think of it, so in my continued contrarian crusade (whatever it is, I'm against it), I declare this Alfred Russel Wallace Day on the Shrine.

...Okay, he did get a little nutty towards the end when he got involved in phreno-Mesmerism and Spiritualism, but we'll overlook that. It was the nineteeth century, and people were screwy then: what can you say about an age that thinks cocaine is good for you and also produced Wagner?

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