Tuesday, February 27


Holy Name Gets New Floor

Credit to Emily for finding the photos

In a move that hasn't gotten much publicity in the blogosphere, Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago has installed an impressive new terazzo floor. As many who have visited may be aware, our poor Cathedral was the subject of an unfortunate renovation in 1968 that stripped it of much of its beauty and connection to tradition. The floor was especially unsightly, its beige carpet exemplifying in many ways the "beige Catholicism" that characterized much initial implementation of Vatican II, about which Chicago priests Andrew Greeley and Robert Barron have rightly complained. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a picture of it right now, but the floor is a nice mixture of salmon and gray terazzo, including well-executed patterns down the aisle. Also, the Cathedral pews have been restained in a considerably darker finish. Still a long way to go for Holy Name, but good to see some progress being made. For the musicians out there, I'd also note that the floor considerably improves the accoustic, and that Holy Name's music program now features choral Kyrie, Gloria, and Agnus Dei on a consistent basis. Now if only someone can dig up the old stained glass windows.....

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