Saturday, February 10


He was always a Gem

This photo released by LifeGem in October 2005 shows a diamond made from the ashes of cremated remains. Sue Rogers from Devon will never be without her dead dogs and cat after having a diamond ring made from their ashes.(AFP/Lifegem/File)


Part of me says, "Ahhhh!!!! Bury human remains!

Part of me says, "Hmm... Cool possibilities for bone chapels...

Some day in the future...

Hello, St. Mary's Parish... Yes, this is Fr. O'Brien... Make funeral arrangements? Well you know it's good to plan ahead!... A what? I really don't think that's legal in the Unite--... Yes, I realize they do it in Italy, bu--... You'd like to be the chandelier??... Well, ok, I suppose it would take the whole family but--... No, I'm sorry, this is definitely out of the question."

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