Monday, February 19


Fun with the History Channel

Ah, Presidents' Day, when we can sleep in and spend the afternoon contemplating the greatness of Millard Filmore and Franklin Pierce, in addition to those slackers George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. I plan on doing a walking tour of Revolutionary New York if I can convince my lazy self to get down to City Hall by one in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, I have to admit I'm greatly amused by the latest rubbish on that home of all that is historically absurd and campy, the History Channel, famous for portraying the early Middle Ages as a cesspool of superstition, religious bigotry and theocratic rule by the sword. They're now advertising their Dark Ages miniseries (no comment) as "500 years of Godless behavior."

Uh. Huh.

Okay, either the early Medieval era was crummy because of the Catholic Church and all those horrible things like literacy, civilization, art and science that she protected, or it was crummy because nobody listened to her. Make up your freakin' minds!

I will now behave in some very Godly behavior by contemplating the beneficence of creation through the hot-dogs I am having for lunch.

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