Tuesday, February 6


Catholic Blog Awards 2007

Online nomination forms can be found here. You know the drill. But just in case you don't: who else, pray tell, brought you during the course of last year:

The Bob Bellarmine Show and Georg and Joseph Ratzinger on a Mission from God in Die Gebruder Blau?

• An alternative to the Taj Mahoney?

Zeppole for St. Joseph's Day?

Gift Recommendations for the Baby Catholic Nerd who has everything?

The Red Rubric Deacon?

How to save your Parish's musical repertoire in two easy steps, or so?

Dinner with dead Jesuits at the Culinary Institute of America?

Cardinal Dulles and Roman Catholic Anglican Use Wrennaissance Baroque Goodness?

• And a genuine, you betcha 100% exclusive appearance by George Weigel?

Nowhere else but The Shrine.

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