Monday, January 22


Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

This old Time article, detailing the involvement of everybody's favorite Gothicist and amateur dramatist Ralph Adams Cram in a 1936 petition advocating Anglican reunion with Rome is fascinating as a slice of life, and also as evidence that the current crisis in Protestant American religious life has been a long time coming. Not that I am using this as an opportunity to indulge in petty triumphalism. But it is fascinating:
A devout little grey-haired Christian is Ralph Adams Cram, 72, famed medievalist architect who designed such soaring fanes as Princeton University Chapel and the East Liberty Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh. A moody man with a talent for amateur acting, Architect Cram is a stanch Anglo-Catholic whose religious conversion occurred during his student days at Rome, at midnight mass in a Jesuit church...
Read more at There's even a cameo appearance by an earlier Episcopalian Griswold.

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