Sunday, January 7


Epiphany, with style

YOU know Epiphany is January 6th. I know Epiphany is January 6th. Unfortunately, not only can our bishops not count to 40, they can't even count to 12. And so we celebrated Epiphany today.

But, the parish I attended celebrated in style. Not an indult parish, not a cathedral parish, not a particularly big parish, just a parish. But.. yes.

Arrival: Hmm. The child/adult ratio appears to be, without exageration, 5/1.

Procession: We Three Kings (anything else would be wrong). But, wait. What's that? The thurible is adorned with bells? That's a (nice) Western first, appropriate for the celebration of Eastern, incense-bearing Magi. Incensing the altar of sacrifice and the high altar... nice.

Opeing: Father switches from English to Latin mid-sentence. Keeps you on your toes, but means there's plenty of Latin to be heard.

Asperges: Father is wearing a golden cope for the Sprinkling Rite. Nice. I suspect this is against the 1970 rubrics, but if this is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Gospel: Chanted by a dalmatic'd temporary deacon. From the center aisle. Little Anglican, very cool.

Sermon: Wow, we really are priviledged to live in the Messianic age, when we know Christ is divine. And Father actually used the 20-foot-high pulpit.

Proclamation of the Date of Easter: Chanted again. This guy knows his tones, cold.

Eucharistic Prayer: Latin, and they closed the gate to the sanctuary. This is good. But the Deuce? Why use Latin and say the Deuce?

Elevation: I almost can't see Our Lord for all the incense smoke.

Communion: This is new--an option between rail or standing. And most people choose rail...

Closing: Marian Antiphon, St. Michael Prayer

Devotion: In honor of the Epiphany, a statue of Baby Jesus was presented to the parishioners by the deacon for veneration. Everyone did, with the usual American wiping off with a cloth after each kiss.

Happy Epiphany indeed :)

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