Tuesday, December 5


We want YOU for the Liturgical Police!

Amusing/disconcerting comment at Open Book:

My 4th grade daughter noticed during the uber-folksy "Glory to God" (with clapping) that her MagnifiKids said that this prayer/hymn is not said during Advent. I actually did not know this. After Mass, I suggested she show this to the priest, which she timidly did. The priest responded by laughing and calling her the "liturgical police" and then asked her "What's the difference between terrorists and liturgical police? You can negotiate with terrorists." Then sensing comparisons between 4th grade girls and murderers might not be very pastoral, laughed and said "I'm going to report you to the pope for doing a good deed." Nice.
The priest, of course gets it wrong. You can't negotiate, not with the liturgy police, but with a liturgist, a very different animal indeed.

Which makes me think, perhaps the CDW should set up a Black Ops Division. I'm imagining black-cassocked priests in mirror-shades swarming over a 1970s-style church. And then the bullhorn sounds: "STEP BACK FROM THE TAMBOURINE AND COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP! WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED AND AUTHORIZED TO USE THE THURIBLE IF YOU DO NOT COMPLY!"

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