Monday, December 4


Random Thought

Obviously, Christian piety is opposed to mere sentimentalism: the value of a prayer is not pegged to how "good" it makes you feel. In fact, most spiritual writers have said that "dry" moments of prayer, without any strong feelings of piety, are probably the most meritorious. That's a given. But, at the same time, it does seem to me that Catholicism is such an excess of love, that if it doesn't make you a little sappy, you're probably doing it wrong: how can we look at all the love poured out for us in the Holy Family, the Passion, the Eucharist, the world-wide communion fo the Church, and not be almost overwhelmed with love, for our God, for our neighbor, for the entire human race, even in its miserable fallennes, which God has so clearly loved so much? Isn't it almost inevitable that this ridiculous display of love by God has to, if we are at all doing this religion correctly, give us an almost impenetrable and confident love, that would color all of our actions to those around us? Could it be any other way?

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