Thursday, December 14


The Infant of Prague

Dawn: And what's the story about the Infant of Prague?
Matt: (suddenly realizes he doesn't really know much about the devotion, that it's just always sort of been there like a large bit of Victorian furniture in a small room that he's very used to but doesn't think much about) Well, uh, I think there was a statue of Christ in Prague, and, um, a devotion grew up around it. Maybe some miracles. I really should know more.
Dawn: Oh, okay.
Matt: He appears to have gotten a lot of really weird outfits from people, too as gifts. The crown, the big triangular robe...
Dawn: I was wondering about those.
Matt: The one thing I really know about Him besides that He's popular on holographic holy cards that change colors when you look at them the right way, is there's a joke that Mary saw Our Lord walking out the front door in the Infant of Prague outfit, and she said, "You're not going outside dressed like that!"


My favorite Infant of Prague joke actually refers to a priest who told me about a fellow clerical friend of his showed up to co-preside at an interfaith wedding and decided to really show the flag by going, as he put it jokingly, "dressed as the Infant of Prague," i.e., biretta, cassock, stole, lace surplice, and "a cope so heavily embroidered it stood up by itself..." I think the minister felt a little underdressed in his choirrobe.

Good times, good times.

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