Wednesday, December 20


Good Catholic Architecture Comes to Long Island

Saint Anthony's High School, a Franciscan high school in Huntington, NY has announced the plans for their new chapel. A letter details the plans, and a Virtual Tour (takes time to load) is also available. The design is in a beautiful Romanesque style, with a particularly Umbrian decor to preserve the Francsican theme. From the letter outlining the plan:

Our hope is that this nobly simple Chapel will be a profound inspiration for our faculty and students. Iconography and other art will be Franciscan and where possible Umbrian.
I hope that you will share the excitement found in growth. Know that any inconveniences we experience will be fleeting compared to the lasting beauty of this Chapel.

Truly an inspired design, and an encouraging sign for the future. The use of the ideal of "noble simplicity" in a correct rather than iconoclastic way is also very encouraging. Hopefully more high schools with dated 60's buildings and chapels (like St. Anthony's has at present) will take the initiative and center their fundraising campaigns on the important things. For that matter, hopefully more parishes will realize that good church architecture can be realized without completely breaking the bank.

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