Wednesday, November 15


Truth leads to Truth

Mark Shea is very good at pointing out the frequency with which well-meaning Evangelicals, presumably precisely because they are well-meaning, tend to discover Catholic teaching anew by drawing to conclusion what they already believe about Christ.

He points to This article about Evangelicals discovering Catholic teaching on artificial birth control. Of course, being Catholics, we give this same truth a really cool Latin name (Humanae vitae!) and they, being Evangelicals, give it a kind of hokey-slogan name ("Is your quiver full?"). But, either way, hurray, culture of life!

Also of interest, in the vain of Evangelicals discovery Catholic teaching and practice, is this book introducing religious life to Evangelicals, Karen Sloan's Flirting with Monasticism, which is an easy and fun read about her encounter with a Dominican novice, and, through him, mendicant life.

I look forward to the next book published in this vain, "Evangelicals Discover the Papacy." I can imagine it now: "Pastor John was trying to find some way to exercise the Petrine ministry of confirming the brethern, but then we realized: it's already been done!"

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