Monday, November 20


Seminary Life

An evangelical compares Catholics and Protestant seminary life.

On a side note, (rant) I never understand why Protestants want to recieve Catholic Eucharist which, technically, they abhor as idolatrous. I'm often symphathetic and even impressed by Evangelicals, though with two great exceptions: anything artistic, and the Eucharist--precisely because it is only my experience with the Eucharist that has convinced me of the truth of Christianity as a whole. Without these Eucharistic experiences, the continuing and real miracle of the Blessed Sacrament, I wouldn't have believed any of it; so, I can't muster a lot of symphathy for those who want to recieve it a priori refusing the very notion that they could experience its reality--the presence of Christ. But anyway. (/rant) Interesting comparison, and worth reading.

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