Saturday, November 18


Overheard in New York

Between two soccer-moms (or the NYC equivalent) in the checkout line at the local Food Market. One of them says,

"...she takes care of Abelard when I'm out of town."

Which either means the lady in question has a child or a dog named after the theologian in question. The other lady chimed in mentioning her son Jack was going through a knight phase, and he wanted to know when he'd get to Europe to meet a real live knight! Unlike Abelard's namesake, he sounded--via his mother--like he was on the right track; he says he'll "be a page when he turns 8," and then a squire.

Afterwards, after I moved up in the checkout line, I told the woman, with great kindness, it was good for a young man like her's to have an interest in chivalry, and wished her a good evening, like the good chevalier that I strive to be.

(Though my advice is for Abelard to avoid any 9-year-old heartbreakers at his gradeschool named Eloise. It wouldn't do.)

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