Monday, November 13


From Our Buddies over at the Pastoral Provision

Repeat readers to the website will no doubt be aware of the Pastoral Provision started by Pope John Paul II, and the attendant Anglican Use liturgy. Check out their shiny brand new website! (Catholics and Anglicans, and ex-Anglican Catholics can all agree on their love of shiny objects.)

For those of you who just tuned in after that last commercial break, the Pastoral Provision is a juridical process by which Anglican or Episcopalian clergy and whole parishes can be brought over to the Catholic faith while retaining a distinct identity in the form of a very beautiful liturgy (approved by the Vatican and the U.S. Bishops, with one of the best translations of the Roman Canon out there) derived from the Book of Common Prayer, with plenty of smells, bells and ad orientem altars. There are six or so parishes in the U.S. that fall in this category. The Pastoral Provision's clergy are unimpeachably Catholic, in union with Rome, and also increasingly numerous these days: eighty have been ordained since the whole thing started more than a quarter-century ago, with more on the way as we speak.

In other Pastoral Provision Internet News, it looks like Our Lady of the Atonement in Texas has also significantly snazzed up their website, with some shots of their mammoth parish church extension only recently dedicated, as well as other signs of thriving sacramental and parochial life.

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