Wednesday, November 29


Dan Mitsui posts on Gaudi's would-be New York skyscraper, which made news some years back when someone proposed it for Ground Zero. If only. It would have been a far more fitting, innovative and life-honoring memorial than the two faceless voids that are slated for the spot. This is mostly old news, but a brief perusal of his links will show some new-ish computer renderings of this wonderful, wondrous high-rise extravaganza--equal parts Tower of Babel and Sant' Ivo Della Sapienza, Krispy Kreme and Close Encounters of the Third Kind--juxtaposed against the New York skyline. It's worth a look--if real-life modern architecture were half as fun as this, we'd have a far more beautiful planet today.

Also worth checking out is a post that serves as proof of my contention that movie architecture these days is on the whole a lot more creative and exciting than what's actually being built in the mainstream, a strange, wonderful and slightly creepy Gaudi-esque cathedral-skyscraper designed for Tim Burton's Batman in 1989. A fantasy, yes, but certainly one worth dreaming about.

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