Wednesday, November 15


An Anglican "Sub-Rite"?

The Times is reporting rumors of the creation of a personal prelature for converts from Anglicanism to the Catholic communion.

"...the Pope will this week receive on his desk a document that proposes something akin to an Opus Dei-style personal prelature for disgruntled Anglicans of a Catholic bent. This would allow them to be received into the Catholic Church but retain their Anglican identity, with presumably their (or should I say our?) own priests going with them too. William Tighe, who touts this possibility, which is also being debated on ShipofFools, says nothing will be published officially before January."

Friends have told me that the Pastoral Provision parishes are essentially a dead-end in the long run, because there is no provision for their continuing Anglican identity: there is no way for seminarians to be trained specifically to continue these parishes, and so therefore they will eventually revert to typical Roman Rite parishes.

However, Personal Prelatures have the right to establish national or international seminaries, and therefore the creation of a viable "sub-Rite" within the Roman Church.

We'll see. And pray :)

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