Friday, October 13


When will I learn?

"So, you study religion?"

Me: "Yeah, actually, I do."


STUPID, STUPID ME. Why did just admit that?? I hope this won't be TOO ba--

" husband and I were just looking up Limbo in the encyclopedia..."

I want to run away...

" what do you think about that???"

Me: "Limbo, huh? Yeah, actually it was a theory of theologians more than an official teaching."

"I know! That's what it said. But that wasn't what the nuns told--"


Me: "Well, you could see what the theologians were thinking. I mean, what theologian would really want to say that God condemns little babies to hell, afterall."

"Well, that's true. But, I think it's all a little silly, because I don't believe in that whole original sin thing, anyway."

I'm outta here.

Me: "Ok, well, it was nice to meet you!"

< rant>
I don't know why the doctrine of original sin is problematic to people. The opportunity, the beauty of sin--the promise of saying that we are sinful--is the conviction that we can all, with the help of God, become better than, in our most honest moments of self-awareness, we know ourselves to be.

The doctrine of sin is a beautiful thing. It tells us that God has intended us to be so much more than we are now!

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