Wednesday, October 11



"Barth, in his theory of Scripture as the Word of God, refuses the concept of an closed Canon. He does this because he insists that the Church cannot know for sure that it has heard the entirity of Christ's message: for example, Revelation is "itself a divine and therefore an infallible and definitive answer. But the human hearing this answer, whether that of the Church or in our own day, is a human hearing, and therefore not outside the possibility of error, or incacpable of being improved." (CD 1/2 Sect. 19) Barth is adverse to the Catholic conviction that the action of Divine Revelation includes the grace that the Church, the object of that revelation, will infallibly understand that revelation and recieve the completed message.

Wherefore, a thesis: Barth's theory of revelation laid the intellectual foundations, if such do in fact exist, for the common and nausiating exclamation, "God is doing something new in the Church!", which exclamation is oft tied to the re-ordering of Christian sexual ethics.


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