Sunday, September 10


Watching JP II Play Baseball is Oddly Soothing

This video from the good Herr Doktor also gives us a few fascinating tidbits of hitherto unknown papal ceremonial--the removal of the simar's shoulder cape on the field, as well as the unusual adapted pontifical gauntlets donned at the plate. And that the Vatican baseball team is apparently composed wholly of Benedictines.

Sadly, however, the reforms of 1969 abolished the special adapted triregno with extra padding for slides into home plate (which was donated by Paul VI to the poor of Cooperstown, who took one look at it and wouldn't have anything to do with it), as well as abolishing the watered-silk lining on the catcher's mitts of the prelates di fichietti and the priveledge of the apostolic subdeacon to play shortstop. It is told, however, that Benedict would like to re-instate the custom of a minor cleric proceeding the Pope at the inaugural game of the season with a tripod holding a burning baseball while calling out, "Holy Father, thus passes the Infield Fly Rule."

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