Thursday, September 14


Pope, Re-energized

Rocco, in one of those posts where he's at his best, has a really nice reflection on B16's trip to Bavaria.

He mentions,

To think, despite Cardinal Ratzinger's onetime dispute of the premise, the Holy Spirit knew what he was up to on 19 April last year... it just took the world a bit to catch up, but what's new?

I think it is ironic. But, also, beautiful. One of Rocco's points is that "the grace of (papal) election" seems to have re-energized Joseph Ratzinger. I've actually commented a couple times that, when I see pictures of Benedict today, and recall the Shrine's breif visit with Card. Ratzinger in 2003, he looks younger, more active, more resolute. But God certainly grants the graces needed to fulfill His call.

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