Saturday, September 2


It Does Exist!

Proof that the Pope's summary document on the Synod on the Eucharist does exist:

I think we should 'defy' the theologians - as the Synod has - by going ahead and helping parish priests better prepare their homilies, to make people sense the presence of the Word: the Lord speaks to us today, not only in the past.

I have been reading in recent days the draft for the post-
Synodal Apostolic Exhortation. I have seen with satisfaction that this 'defiance' is kept in the models prepared for homilies. Ultimately, the parish priest must prepare his homily in his context, speaking to his parish. But he may need some help to understand and make others
understand the actual 'present-ness' of the Word of God, which is never a Word of the past, but always a Word for today.

So, whatever else it says, at least it will help priests (1) write better homilies (2) with a presumably Patristic, but at very least not historical-critical, method of exegesis.

(HT: Amy)

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