Saturday, September 9


Bavarians Welcome the Pope!

The Pope arrives...

... and I am renewed in my resolve to get an Alpine hat.

At Marienplatz, where the roaring of helicopters flying above was already mixing with the first “Be-ne-detto” chants, the most devoted pope admirers had already secured a space near St. Mary’s column by noon to get as close as possible inside the high-security area. The pope wasn’t expected to arrive before 5:30 p.m.

“I’ve been here since 8:30 a.m. – I just wanted to take in some of the atmosphere,” said Sister Raphaela of the Vincentian Sisters of Charity order, who had come from the neighboring state of Baden-Württemberg, adding that she had become an admirer of the pope only recently.

“Before, I was neutral,” said the 43-year-old nun, sitting on the ground just behind the bars set up before the column. “My opinion changed once I started reading his books. I really like his language. He speaks directly to the heart.”

Read his books. They are brilliant.

That is why I am especially excited about Pope Benedict's travels: even if people come to see him simply out of curiousity, he will speak to their hearts about the heart of the Gospel. That in itself is an opportunity that merits all the preparation and all the pizzazz.

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