Friday, September 8


Alert reader Jordan sent me the above image, of a Catholic chaplain of Civil War vintage (also known, since I know one of you will bring this up, as the War between the States) in front of his field altar. I don't have much in the way of particulars, but the image stands for itself, for sure. I'm reminded, in our own time, of a number of re-enactors I've heard about who interpret men of the cloth; there was a Jonathan Edwards impersonator at Williamsburg some time ago--admittedly, a little far afield from his usual haunts--who did a traditionally ranting and long Great Awakening-style sermon, while I know of at least one fellow whose character is, like the authentic photo above, a Catholic army chaplain. Though the most unusual--and surely most ecumenical--re-enactor I can think of was a former-Lutheran convert Greek Orthodox priest who played the part of a Spanish missionary friar at a Florida historic site!

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