Thursday, August 3


We've All Wondered It...

I've always thought that any discussion of Faith and Works in justification can be summed up and finished in, James 2:24--" You see then that by works, a man is justified, and not only by faith." This is a famous verse, most famous perhaps for being ignored.

But, even knowing that, the Popes Pius have the same reaction I did upon reading 2 Peter: as if James isn't enough, this sure should be. In all earnest, what is the justification for debating the role of works in justification--besides sentimental attachment to the historical figures of the Reformation? Maybe someone who does believe in justification by faith alone can explain this to me,* because I perenially don't get it.

* And if any does that for me, I'm asking in advance for civility in comment boxes from everyone (as if I should have to from Christians, but of course I do), and will delete any such lapses of Christian charity.

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