Tuesday, August 8


A Shoutout.....

To Holy Name of Jesus Church in Providence, R.I. which is kind enough to link to the Shrine. Holy Family possesses a healthy diversity, as it is home to both the indult Mass in Providence and a large Gospel Choir. Check it out if you're ever in Providence, which also has excellent Italian restaurants in the Federal Hill neighborhood, probably my favorite "Little Italy" in the U.S. Andino's in particular has the best Chicken Francese I've ever had. While we're on the topic, Providence also has a significant Dominican presence, most notably at Providence College, which I'd recommend to the parents and seniors out there looking for a good, smaller Catholic school. Providence recently built St. Dominic Chapel, which I find to be an excellent example of a more "modern" chapel that stays true to tradition. I think our commenter Matt (not to be confused with Matthew of the Holy Whapping, of course) might appreciate its effective use of modern materials in conveying a sacred space. I've been in there and found it quite nice. Providence College also has a Liturgical Choir, which is a braggable name for a choir. They were next to our Notre Dame Liturgical Choir group at the Papal audience in Rome in 2003, which is itself braggable.

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