Tuesday, August 1


The autumn wind is a.......Pontiff?

If this guy can take down the Iron Curtain, he can certainly deal with the force of "Mean Joe Greene" and the Steel Curtain.

One of my pastimes is watching the old NFL Films seasons and playoff retrospectives featuring "The Voice of God," Philadelphia broadcaster John Facenda. While I knew that Facenda was Catholic, I hadn't realized he narrated a video about John Paul II's 1979 visit to Philadelphia! I highly encouraging watching this video, which has several great aspects: 1) It gives a great picture of the early years of JPII's papacy, walking around, doing things like wading into the crowd of children 2) It has a very good biographical video in Part II including archival footage of the Papal election 3) Much of it is narrated by the great Facenda (there's another narrator, but even if you're not familiar with Facenda's NFL films work, it's pretty easy to tell when it's him). A highlight is Facenda's stentorian baritone telling us in his inimitable way that, "Perhaps at first Pope John Paul had some apprehension about his election, but he has shown none since." Facenda, with his great voice, fittingly describes a great Pope.

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