Sunday, July 16


Pax Mexicana: A Query for our Brilliant Readers

I've found that hippy or new-agey stores are one of the most fruitful venues for the purchase of the ridiculously P.O.D.* Though not often a pious lot, hippies and New Agers (or at least their stores) are really into Latino Catholicism. At such stores, I've purchased an absolutely amazing carved Corpus from the Phillipines which looks very Medieval, I've purchased silver and ceramic holy water fonts ("Wild planter, man..."), and, most recently, a curious tin box.

Some Googling has revealed to me that my Catholic tin box is, in fact, a nicho, which Mexicans really do use to display religious images. The nicho I bought has a typical holy card of a baptism in it.

The Question: My nicho also came with some rose petals inside, which I had initially hoped indicated that Mexicans keep blessed flower petals in nichos as a sacramental, which would be a pratical and useful thing to know. However, when I was buying my nicho, the store clerk asked another employee if she wanted the potpuerri that she had put in the nicho back, showing that my theory about blessed petals might be reduced, in reality, to a hippy decorating scheme.

So: Do actual Mexican Catholic keep blessed petals in nichos? I imagine I certainly could, but I want to know if it's actually done.

*For that one person who always asks: Pious, and Overly-Devotional; Google it.

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