Sunday, July 9


A Little Sentimentalism

Listening to Abba Pater while studying the unfortunate Grecian tongue, I suddenly remembered one of the things I've done in life that made me most happy. Long-time readers of the Shrine will recall when we pilgrimaged to Rome a few years ago. I went specifically to see the Holy Father, and specifically to shout "Viva il Papa!" as loud as I possibly could when I did.

Of course, that was one moment in a whole trip filled with some of the people and places that are closest to my heart, but it was the reason I ultimately bought the ticket.

I wonder how many times the Holy Father heard "Viva il Papa!" shouted from streets and audience halls and piazzas, and I wonder how many of those quick, fleeting cries represented the only direct tribute that thousands of pilgrims from around the world could come to offer a man who, by introducing them to a heroic commitment to following Christ, changed their lives forever. That makes for quite a chorus, indeed.*

*I know some of the more ornery get weary of my occasional outburts of gratitude to JPG, but hopefully you will understand my affection for the man who made me deeply Catholic. And if you don't, well.. don't read them :)

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