Thursday, July 27


He's at it again...

(UPDATE 2: In retrospect, I should have entitled this post, "The Fullness of Truthiness." Maybe next time.)
Much was made on the blogs of Stephen Colbert reciting the Nicene Creed on his show a while back. Well, I was watching the show this afternoon, and during an interview with William Donahue he quoted Matthew 16:18! That quote falls in Part 1 of the interview, but tune in to Part 2 to hear Stephen ask, "Now, did you not like the Da Vinci Code because you're pro-Opus-Dei, or anti-crap-writing?"

Now, Stephen's made no secret of the fact that he's a practicing Catholic, but it's still an odd experience to be tuned into Comedy Central and hear scripture quoted (or hear it quoted non-derisively, at least).

Also, if you haven't yet seen Stephen's take on liturgical dance, have a look at this video from his old show.

(UPDATE: Some people have trouble acessing videos off of Comedy Central's site, so here's the link to the interview on YouTube.)

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