Thursday, July 27


DePaul U Sells Historic Convent; Developer to Bulldoze

The Society of St. Barbara is angry, and understandably so. DePaul U, I'm told, has sold the historic and beautiful structures of Barat Convent and College, in the lush park setting of Lake Forest, Illinois, to a developer who, I am also informed, plans on demolishing the chapel in order to make good on his investment. Gentlemen and ladies, this is the chapel at Barat Convent, which may be no more sometime soon:

Anyway, think about it and all that Catholic Chicago is about to lose, and trot over to the St. Barbara Blog. And remember, you have a say in these matters to. Judicious rabble-rousing can go a long way: please be sure to give Mr. Powers a show of support in his comments-boxes!

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