Thursday, July 20


Dawn Eden Takes Ireland by Storm!

Well, she will soon once folks read this Wednesday's article profiling her in The Irish Times. Since New York City and particular New York sex is tres hip in the Emerald Isle, the folks at the Irish Times were quite astounded to discover a New York writer (especially an articulate, urbane young woman) who begs to dissent from the prevailing trend. So they gave her a call, and there she is, with her photo above the fold on the front page. I can't boast of anything comparable, though our campus Eucharistic procession nearly made the top of the front page of the Fort Wayne-South Bend diocesan paper, but, well, the Pope died and we got bumped to below the fold.

Incidentally, a New York born-and-bred friend of mine tells me that the latest trend is for nouveau-riche Dubliners to get apartments in Manhattan. Apparently there's an apartment building going up in Midtown which is likely to be more than half-Irish. I guess we're a long way from Ellis Island these days.

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