Saturday, June 3


When We Said, "All Pius, All the Time," We Were Not Kidding

Literally. I say this in reference to the new group blog Totus Pius cooked up by our pals "Pius V," "Pius IX," "Pius X," "Pius XII"...and "Pius XIII."

(Yes, yes, yes, I know--but he's not the "real" Pius XIII--though the "real" Pius XIII isn't the real one, either, I suppose. Incidentally, this reminds me that since the late so-called Gregory XVII died, there's a vacancy for the coveted title of The Shrine's Official Favorite Antipope... Competitors should be aware that they must own their own tiara to be eligible, and we don't mean your mom's tea cosy with some rhinestones glued onto it. Also, no phone-in conclaves, since these are lame-issimus and abhorrent in our sight.)

But...back to the blog. It started off as a humorous effort by the various Pii to blow off steam and is appearing to quietly take on a life of its own. I know the good chaps behind the pseudonyms, and I have to tell you, if ever a blog had a shot at being wackier, weirder and more outrageous than The Shrine, it's this one. Enjoy rants galore, and more measured meditations on Catholic profundities such as the prayer to St. Michael, and some really snappy papal iconography. If we're St. Blogs' Monty Python, I think they have at least a shot at the Marx Brothers or a Counter-Reformation version of the Three Stooges, anyway. Give 'em a try.

"Because, when a Pope takes 'Pius,' you know playtime's over."

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