Saturday, June 10


Welcome to New York - Calling All Nerds

Well, I'm finally settled into the apartment, which currently lacks a name. I've always been quite conscientious about naming things--Bridget (or Brighid, not sure yet) appears to have stuck for my new laptop, while I once rented a car I named Alice Ford for obvious Shakespearean and automotive reasons. (Mrs. Murbles was already taken, though I have also had a car named Harriet, if that cheers up the Dorothy Sayers fans in the audience.) But here I am, and it's great.

Anyway, if you're a Catholic Nerd in the New York area, or know one, please drop me a line at, or toss a comment into the box here. Info, also, on young adult groups, parish life, and anything else which might be apropos, would be greatly appreciated.

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