Saturday, June 10


Second Annual Anglican Use Conference, June 5-6, Scranton, PA

I'm finally in the process of writing a mammoth report on my adventures in Pennsylvania, and you can probably expect something soon to pop up over at the New Liturgical Movement, as Shawn was kind enough to ask me to cover the Conference for the blog. Meanwhile, to keep you folks entertained, here's a shot of me with the keynote speaker, His Reverend Eminence Cardinal Dulles.

And here's me with my blogging buddy, ex-Anglican Anglican Use Catholic Peregrinator of Canterbury Tales, who already has a nice run-down on the Conference at his place. Thanks also, Taylor, for the kind words about my own presentation!

Before I say anything else specific about what was said and who said it, I have to extend many thanks to Joseph G. Blake, Eric Bergman and the folks at the Anglican Use Society, the St. Thomas More Society, and St. Clare's Parish for inviting me up and letting me off the leash long enough for me to give my lecture!

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