Saturday, June 10


More Anglican Use Conference Coverage

I've got Parts I and II of my report on the Conference up at the New Liturgical Movement, including some remarks on Fr. William Stetson's presentation which has caused a bit of a controversy among Continuing Anglicans regarding the possibility (or lack therof) of a sui iuris rite. I think, while definitely understanding their concerns, that they may have gotten the wrong impression; Fr. Stetson was at the time not in possession of a full grasp of the current circumstances of groups such as the Traditional Anglican Communion, which, if some commentators are to be believed, on he has been now been briefed and whichis likely to change some of the content of what he said. Even if it didn't, there are other ways besides a rite, such as a Personal Prelature, which was not discussed as far as I know, but seems plausible--let's not forget Fr. Stetson's with Opus Dei.

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