Monday, June 19

GenCon 06

As Amy detailed yesterday, the Episcopal Church's General Convention flipped the Anglican Communion the bird by electing, in the midst of its divisive stand on homosexuality and the English Church's debate over women bishops (not to mention the African church's general rejection of women's ordination), a female presiding bishop with no pastoral experience and amazingly progressive theology (thealogy?). Indeed, her diocese has approved same sex union, and has invited Bp. Spong (of "Why Christianity Must Change or Die" fame) to lecture the clergy.

Over the last week, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, not to mention a few other bishops, gave increasingly and surprisingly strongly-worded warning to the General Convention. The most recent (and blunt) was forwarded to me by an Episcopal friend of mine:

With each English bishop, the message has gotten progressively blunter. It's
hard to imagine how the latest could be any more so:

Bishop Nazir-Ali said that, whatever the outcome, the Americans had already
become detached from the roots of Anglicanism.

"Nobody wants a split, but if you think you have virtually two religions in a
single Church something has got to give sometime," he said.

"Two religions" -- this sort of language is completely unprecedented!! One
expects this sort of thing from +Fort Worth but not an English bishop, and
certainly not one as senior as +Rochester... amazing...

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