Thursday, June 15


Does it really say that??

Yes. Yes it does.


Speaking of abortion, I was doing some poking around in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, a journal which lists recent charity grants to non-profits. Those bouts of agitation for abortion rights in South America, for example, aren't spontaneously generated: a multi-million dollar lobbyiest industry is consistantly endowed to fight for abortion access is constantly endowed by American foundations.

I am consistently amazed, whenever I read the Chronicle, at the millions of dollars thrown around to support abortion access, especially in Africa. Here were the donations mentioned in this biweekly issue (June 15, 2006).

The Ford Foundation gave:

$2 million to "the International Women's Health Coalition for activities designed to strengthen women's health rights worldwide."

$1 million "to the National Advisory Council on sexual health to promote informed honest dialogue on human sexuality and sexual-health policy in the United States."

$400,000 to ScenariosUSA to "further develop and expand its model creative-writing program, which seeks to expand young people's understanding of their sexuality."

$2 million to "Catholics for a Free Choice for education, outreach, and advocacy programs to advance sexual and reproductive rights."

Apparently, Ford Corporation is doing so well that not only can its Foundation afford to kill off the passengers of its minivans, but they can do without Catholic purchases.

Never will I be ashamed of my Yota again.

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