Tuesday, May 9


Unpublished letter to the Observer

Daniel McInerny, heir to the McInerny philosophical estate (whatever that might be) and an accomplished philosopher in his own right, weighs in on the Jenkins decision by invoking Dante.
"So, what of Eve Ensler’s play? By all means, let students read (though not enact) it. But let them look into those scenes only with the right Virgil at their elbow, one who will teach them that what they see there is a grotesquely misdirected eros, a strangled cry from a living hell."
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This debate has truly amazed me in terms of the level of Catholic intellectualism at this University. Just when I think the problem has been attacked from every possible angle (Gnosticism, The New Springtime), one of our esteemed professors comes up with yet another intelligent facet from which to view the problem. This is a complicated, nuanced issue, and as such demands nuanced, well-thought-out responces. I think perhaps the greatest sign of hope here at Notre Dame is that we have faculty who are so well equipped to provide answers to this problem, and problems of the modern age in general.

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