Wednesday, May 10

So this is the last watercolor I will do as a Notre Dame undergrad. Kind of weird. I just finished it an hour ago. It's an analytique--French for "assortment of random architectural objects pried off a particular building clumped together to form a pretty arrangement which explains a bit about how the building is designed"--of the Corsini Chapel in the Lateran by the underappreciated if somewhat dry early eighteenth-century classicist Alessandro Galilei. Here you have a good look at the tomb of one of the Corsini popes, with a view of an architectural cutaway model showing the whole thing. The fellow on the side is St. Andrea Corsini, whose portrait by Guido Reni, or perhaps a copy of it, hangs above the altar. Oh, and no cherub jokes. That wasn't my idea, it's in the painting.

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