Wednesday, May 10


Return to Planet of the Karolingian Ordo

Remember the Karolingian Ordo*, my draft mass from last year? Well, Shawn Tribe has brought up the subject of a hypothetical reform of the reform, and has opened the floor to his readers to submit similar draft proposals of their own. It's principally a way of exploring what Sacrosanctum Concilium really meant, what should have really happened between '65 and '70. On the opposite end of things, it also allows us to consider what the finished product of a Benedict-led reform of the reform might look like.

Even if you don't have time to submit your own proposal, feel free to chime in on the various discussion threads that are now percolating over at The New Liturgical Movement. It may seem odd to some to spend time coming up with draft proposals but I think it a fine springboard for thought. It spreads awareness of liturgical issues, and at the very least, may influence the generation of young Catholics who may eventually have to help deal with such an issue as liturgical reform in the future. At the very least, it teaches you a bit about the old and new rites, and the question of how to integrate organic development with the necessary central authority needed to prevent liturgical chaos and, ahem, (Scott Hahn-esque pun ahead) mass confusion.

*I don't really like the name any more, since it's somewhat dubious Latin, but it's sort of stuck. At the time I thought Karolingianus would be the Latin adjective for Karol, i.e., Karol Wojtyla, JP II. I chose this because Iohannopauline is too long and Wojtylian just weird. Turns out it's really more like Karolianus (or Carolianus) or suchlike... And don't tell me Latin doesn't use Ks. I will spell it Kalendarium until the day I die.

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