Tuesday, May 30

"I'll Trade You Five St. Thereses for..."

I love Holy Cards. I really do--especially the paper ones (the laminated ones just don't do it for me...). Anyway, I was looking for a Holy Card of St. Joan today, and I realized just how many unusual holy cards I have.
The Most Powerful Hand of Christ has a saint standing on each finger. The Divino Nino is standing on the thumb (Jesus is standing on His own thumb!), followed by Ss. Mary, Joseph, Anne, and Joachim. Poor Joachim got the Most Powerful Pinky.

The nomination for "Most Sketchy" Holy Card is one I purchased at an American Shrine, entitled La Diosa del Mar. That prayer, I've never recited.

Then, friends, are the Relationship Holy Cards: one set for boys and girls who are "courting," another set for husband and wife. The back of these cards offers helpful advice.

The Six Rules for Happy and Successful Courtship suggest more or less the same things for boys and girls...
(1) Frequent Holy Communion
(2) Pray to the Blessed Mother
(3) Iminitate Christ/Mary
(5) Be Mature
(6) Esteem the Sacrament of Marriage and the Family.

#4, however....
Girls: Be rich in womanly interests and skills, like cooking, sewing, and homemaking.
Boys: "Grow in the art of conversation."


What advice do we have for married couples?
(1) Show affection
(2) Don't nag
(3) Ask forgiveness
(4) Women: Compliment your husband, it makes him a better husband.
Men: Compliment your wive. It makes hera better cook.
(5) Budget
(6) Be sociable and get out of the house
(7) Eat and Drink Moderately
(8) Men: Admit your mistakes.
Women: Dress attractively, and keep your home cheerful
(9) Keep your... (women: household, men:work) problems to yourself
(10) Pray together

Everything I ever needed to know... I learned from a Holy Card?

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